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Talking to Myself - Having fun practicing VO Part 2

Hello again,

It's been a couple of weeks since my last blog post. I've been rather busy house hunting with Beth, and though we're making steps in a positive direction we're not quite there yet. The property we really like might take a while, as we're currently waiting for the current owners to find somewhere new and then to finally accept our offer. Fingers crossed it won't be too long!

I've also been working hard getting set up as an audiobook narrator and my samples are almost ready. As such I thought I would share some more recordings with you. I promised as much in part 1. However with the amount I have recorded I am now looking at 3 parts (at least!). Today's post is a short one, focusing on poetry - only a few silly voices today. There will be previews of my narrative work along with a sneak peak of book 2 in the 3rd part which will pop up at some point in May. Let's see how busy I am first... Anyway let's get started!

Spike Milligan

Beth loves Spike Milligan poetry. I do too - it's wonderfully silly and fun. When I was thinking of poets to try he was the first to pop into my head. In fact I recorded little but his work to begin with, and really enjoyed doing it too. I recording quite a lot but here are a few of my favourites.

The View from Halfway Down - Alison Tafel

I am going to jump to something very different now. This poem (The View from Halfway Down) is from an episode of Bojack Horseman of the same name, written by Alison Tafel. This one's longer, and as I said very different to Spike Milligan's work. I am always going to recommend Bojack Horsemen - it's a brilliant animated show which you can find on Netflix. In fact I do believe it is my favourite TV series ever. A perfect example for those grumpy adult sorts who think "cartoons are just for kids". They certainly are not...

Twas the Night before Pancakemas - Jon Bolitho-Jones

Well that last one was very happy. I guess I do like my sad things from time to time... Anyway let's finish with something a bit cheerier. A poem, by me, and a silly one at that. So here we have a recitation of that classic - Twas the Night before Pancakemas. You might have read it before. Enjoy!

And with that I am finished for today's post. Only a quick one like I said. I hope you enjoyed some of my poetry work. If you have a particular favourite feel free to let me know. If you want me to read anything you've written just drop me a message on Twitter (@JonBolithoJones). The final part will appear soon, so you've got plenty more chances to hear the sound of my voice. Plus I promise next time there will be a little preview of book 2. Just have to decide which bit to share with you. It's proving trickier than I thought...

Oh and talking of my book, there's a link below as always - just in case you want to give it a little look. (the ebook is currently only 99p!)

With that it's bye for now, I'll be back soon.


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