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by Jon Bolitho-Jones

Meet Bethany Hannah Morgan. She’s an ordinary girl living in an ordinary world. Well, not quite… 

When Bethany’s best, and only, friend dies, her life is shrouded in grief. But when she discovers a mysterious new world through her cupboard door, she sees the chance to escape to Edimor, a galaxy of pirates, wizards, nightmarish monsters, space travel and mystery. 

Bethany quickly befriends Grollp, a troll pirate who has in his possession a locket said to harness great power. Edimor is under threat from a mysterious child and his carer, and Grollp intends to use this locket to save the world from certain ruin. With no intention of staying in her own world and desperate to escape events she does not quite understand, Bethany joins the fight, determined to save Edimor from its imminent demise. 

Can these dark and sinister forces be overcome?

When the World Falls Down: About
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