Audiobook Narrator

Warm,  Bright, and Quirky

Hello, my name is Jon Bolitho-Jones, and along with being an author, actor, and all round creative, I am also an audiobook narrator. I am a passionate story-teller with a rich and enjoyable voice. I have a home studio from which I can create bespoke audiobooks in a range of genres and styles. Take a listen to my samples below, and get in touch if you want to know more...


"Jon doesn't just read your novel, he performs it! His vast theatrical experience gave life to the many zany characters in my absurdist fantasy novella, Winter Masquerade. And while I was delighted with the individual comic voices he created, I was equally impressed at his ability to move me in the emotional scenes of my book. With his vast acting experience, he brings total commitment to a project."

Kevin Klehr


"Jon was an absolute pleasure to work with, a consummate professional who turned around a polished product in a timely manner, giving my work an entirely new and exciting extra dimension!"

Kevin Patrick Sweeney



Like what you hear? Think my voice is a good fit for your project? Well then get in touch. I would love to hear from you! The best way to get in contact with me is via my ACX page or by sending me an email. All details found right here...


Email -

Send me a message and we can start talking about your project, time frames, and fees. I primarily work through ACX, however I would be happy to discuss working through other sites such as Findaway voices if they are your preferred method. I can also help you set up your ACX book page too.

Once we've come to an agreement about your project I'll of course need a full manuscript along with any helpful character notes you might have. I will then record a 15 minute preview (a requirement on ACX) for you to listen to and then move onto recording the rest of your book. It's that easy really. While I'm bringing your project to audiobook life I will be in contact with you or your rights holders throughout. I like to keep people updated as to how it's progressing, and I also like to chat to other creatives.

So yes, if you've got an audiobook that needs recording, and you think my voice is a good fit, let me know, and I'll help you bring your book to audio life!



"I've listened to a lot of audiobooks and have several favorite voice actors but Jon's performance of your story just blew me away. My review probably didn't reflect my enthusiasm strongly enough but I will be watching for more audiobooks by him.

Winter Masquerade sounded like it was performed by multiple actors. I seldom re-read or re-listen to books but I need to listen to this again. I believe the second time around I will enjoy the story even more. Thanks for posting the video of him explaining his inspiration for the character voices he used."