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A little bit about me...


Born in sunny Watford, I have dabbled with writing ever since I was young. As a big fan of both fantasy and sci-fi my stories have generally ended up on the more fantastical end of the spectrum. My favourite books include City of Dreaming Books and A Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. If it's something a bit odd there's a good chance that I'll want to read it. Other interests include miniature wargaming, history, and anything super geeky. Along with writing I am also a trained actor, and appear annually in pantomimes, normally as the comic lead. When the World Falls Down is my first book, and part 1 of a series of 6. Book 2 is getting ready to be published while books 3 and 4 are currently being edited. Along with my main series I have also started writing other fantasy and sci-fi work, and have 2 short stories up on Amazon. I can currently be found up North in the Prescot sort of area, writing, talking to myself next to a microphone, and waiting for Covid to finally stop.

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