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The King of Rhye - An Audiobook Preview

Hello again,

I've had a busy November, December and January, There was a return to the Polar Express (sans moustache) and I visited my family down south for a lovely Christmas break. Unlike 2021 this time there was no Covid or any other health related drama. Tis nice that! I've also been very busy recording and editing audiobooks once again (more of that in a bit). After all that I've finally had a chance to sit down at my non-recording computer and write up a new blogpost. 2023 is seemingly going to be the year of the audiobook for me. And to start it all off I've been working on a book called The King of Rhye.

The King of Rhye is an epic fantasy story written by indieauthor Craig Mulhall and inspired by early Queen music. It's wonderfully imaginative adventurous fun with epic battles, high drama, eccentric beings, and bouts of comedy here and there. As an Australian author it means that for both January 2022 and 2023 I have worked on a fantasy book from the southern hemisphere. I wonder whether early 2024 will bring the same?

Like I've said it is a great read, especially if you like fantasy. Which unsurpisingly I very much do! He's got a whole load of artwork attached to his work, as well as a full playlist. Original songs by Fat Bottomed Boys. Unsurprisingly it's very Queen like. So check the link out just below and enjoy. My favourite is Long Live the King, which I might just sing in the audiobook...

You can see his artwork all over his Facebook page. He's very active on it as well. With thoughts of republishing When the World Fallls Down, and then publishing its sequels, his work has really inspired me. Shown me what an indieauthor can conjure and the kind of author platform and presence you can establish online. So bravo Craig! Better start thinking of getting a load of artwork illustrated and composing my own Edimor playlist. Guess mine would be more Bowie then Queen related. Anyway have some more links. Here you'll find his FB page, and a place to buy the King of Rhye.

And finally I thought I would share a little preview with you today. A little teaser of my narrative work. I think a number of you might have been sent here for just that by Craig himself. He's given me permission of course. I've chosen something fun, something a bit comical, without any spoilers. Also happens to be one of Craig's favourite sections too. So yes, sit back, enjoy, as I put on funny voices and read to you from this wonderful book...

With that it's bye for now. I'll be back soon.


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