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So it begins...

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

So this is it. It has happened. After years of agonising typing, editing, waiting for test readers to send me feedback, and then re-editing it has finally been released into the big wide world. When the World Falls Down is out, and a bit earlier than expected, thanks to the lovely people at Matador. When I was given the news I paced a bit madly around my flat, swearing quietly to myself, and all in a fluster. I guess this is it. It’s a little bit terrifying.

But to those of you who have stumbled across my blog here, hello! My name is Jon Bolitho-Jones and I am a writer, quite a new one at that. I am of course a load of other things too, such as an actor, entertainer, miniature wargaming enthusiast, historian, and occasional guard at a theatre’s stage door. I have just released a book. Here it is, well the cover at any rate, and it’s the first part of a series

Several years ago while at university the ideas for this book started to form in my head. Initially it started as a script, the first scene (spoiler alert) being the arrival of the goblin Denepom. There was a female lead, but she wasn’t Bethany. Neither was there any Grandpa Vic, Grollp, or any of the other characters that you will bump into as you read through her adventures. In fact only a handful of the colourful creatures actually existed in this original form. To name them beyond Denepom would be too much of a spoiler really. This version though ultimately died away and disappeared into nothingness. But the ideas stayed on, lingering in my brain and trying to shape themselves into something a little more coherent.

It was several years later that I did perhaps the most important thing towards the development of the book. Whilst waiting for an eye appointment at Moorfields Eye Hospital I wrote out a chapter by chapter plan. It was nothing complicated, just headings really, but I knew what was going to happen within each of them and where the story was going. This plan eventually split into two halves, making the structure for the first two books in the series. So I put my fingers to my keyboard, began to write, and these crazy little ideas became a reality. When it was eventually finished it went through multiple edits; people sent me feedback, chapter 1 disappeared, and I discovered the company Matador.

Book 2 and 3 have now also been written and are ready for a proper edit, while the rest of the series has all been planned out. I’m new to all this but to some degree I feel ready. I can't help but think of a certain moment from The Two Towers...

So if you do happen to purchase my book (links provided below) and read it, firstly I would like to say a big thank you. Secondly, if you also enjoyed it, many more are on their way. I plan to keep this blog going for people to follow as I begin this exciting journey into the world of writing and publishing, and if you enjoyed book 1, it would be wonderful to have you join me on my way. It’s always lovely have friends with you when you embark on new adventures.

With that it's bye for now. I'll be back soon!


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