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Grollp Pungdark - Troll Pirate


I have recently received some artwork for my book. So far I have only put up a little preview of a Grubb - you might've seen it. As you can imagine it is all very exciting. Now that I am ready I was hoping to share them all properly with you. This is the first one, and it is of Grollp, who if you don't know is a troll pirate that Bethany Hannah Morgan meets very early on in the story. There is also a quote to go with it - a little teaser so to speak. Don't worry there aren't any spoilers involved....

“There it was. Right in front of her was the beast, sitting quite calmly, nursing its wounds by her stream. It was huge, green, and hunched, with massive arms full of muscle and a gorilla-like posture. Its shoulders were square and strong, a hardened wall of flesh and bone. Its head was large and round with a huge gaping maw, the lower jaw sticking out slightly farther than the top, two jagged teeth pointing up over the upper lip. Its eyes, nose, and ears were tiny in comparison, perched at the top of the creature’s head, almost hidden under its huge brow and the deep creases and wrinkles that snaked across its face.

What was even more remarkable, putting aside the fact that a huge green beast had just miraculously appeared from her cupboard, was what it wore. This creature was dressed very much in the fashion of an early eighteenth-century pirate captain. On its head sat a small black tricorn hat that was dwarfed by the colourful feathers sticking out of it. It wore a long, heavy red dress coat with gold lining and buttons, and a black trim. Under this were a pair of black hose, a frilled shirt, and a huge pair of black boots, studded with dull-edged metal work. It was quite an outfit, and apart from the wrapped wound on its left arm, it was smartly dressed. On top of this getup were all sorts of fascinating accessories. Stuffed in its belt were rolls of brown parchment, scribblings, and brass devices. Gold was everywhere, hanging from its neck as necklaces and stuffed on its thick fingers as chunky rings, bejewelled with sapphires and precious gems. Along with these there was a collection of weaponry. The main one Bethany had noticed was a huge slab of metal shaped like a sabre hanging from its left side. On the other side was a mean-looking axe. Finally, crossing over its chest were thick straps of leather stuffed with flintlock pistols in bizarre designs. To finish the beast’s collection, there was a scattering of knives and daggers in all sorts of shapes.” When the World Falls Down, chapter 1, page 9

There will be more coming in the next couple of weeks, so you will get more chances to peak into my imagination and the magical galaxy of Edimor.

Of course this wonderful piece of art was done by the talented Bethan Vann and you can find her via the following links:

Instagram - @somethingbybeth

Facebook - @bvillustration

Twitter - @BethinTransit

So yeah go check out her work - it's brilliant. The other thing I would of course recommend is that you have a peak at my book. Link found below!

With that it's bye for now. I'll be back soon.


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