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Along came a box...

They’ve arrived! But very much sooner than expected. A DHL driver turned up at my door armed with 25 copies of When the World Falls Down in a pretty hefty box. I knew I would be getting some delivered to me, but didn’t know they were on their way. Matador are dealing with the majority of them, especially considering the fact that my very small one-bedroom flat can’t fit anything else in it. This first set are the special copies, the ones I’m planning on selling to close friends and family, as well as those a bit further away. There might even be some heading to New Zealand soon, and I dread to think of the postage costs!

I was delighted opening the box to find my books in there!

It is such a weird sensation. I guess it’s hit me harder with the physical copies considering I’ve never actually owned a Kindle or anything like it. There is something splendid about having bookshelves stuffed full of books. Picking up one of my own though was a bit nerve wracking; many writers must have felt a very similar sensation to me as they hold their own work in their hands for the first time, a quiet prayer dancing away in their head: I hope people bloody like it!

Their arrival has certainly sparked off some ideas in my head too, to if you’re intrigued keep an eye on this blog. I’m thinking of trying to find an illustrator for future adventures; now I wonder where these drawing people hide…

With that it's bye for now. I'll be back soon!


P.S. If you yourself fancy purchasing one of these fine books you can pre-order them from the link below. There you will also find links for the many platforms through which you can get the Ebook version too.

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