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A Goblin and their attendants

And now for a new bit of art by the wonderful Bethan Vann.

“A short, sharp, high-pitched voice echoed down the hallway, issuing commands and instructions to the servants attending it. When the character finally entered the light, Bethany could see it was a goblin; in its smart dress coat and trousers, it looked much like Denepom. What made this goblin different was how fine its clothing was. Its jacket was covered in ostentatious medals, whose gold and silverwork glittered in the wall lighting. Along with these items, it had a long brass chain around its neck, much like one that a mayor would traditionally wear. Bethany could only assume it was an object of office, and one that had been used for centuries, for the metalwork was rather beaten and worn, lacking any real shine. The goblin also wore fine silken gloves on its thin, bony hands. The frills on its shirt were far more ornate than Denepom's too, puffing out in such a glorious and obscene manner that the fabric almost dwarfed the creature in large velvet ruffs. What little hair the goblin had was all greasily slicked back across its scalp. There were a number of other differences from the previous goblin she had met—this one looked older, with more wrinkles lining its face. It was also taller and slimmer, and with no podgy belly to be seen, appeared rakishly thin. It walked with a grace and authority that Denepom had somewhat lacked.

Attending to this goblin were five little fleshy sprites. They were grubbs: diminutive creatures made of pure magical energy to attend to their masters, or so Grollp had told her. Obedient and utterly loyal, they were also cheeky and mischievous, getting up to all sorts of tricks, though never at the expense of their masters, of course. Indeed, their appearance was entirely suggestive of this mischievous side, as they were smiling creatures bouncing with frenetic energy. They had no bodies to speak of, just rather round and lumpy heads with limbs attached. Each sported a big toothy grin, above which sat a tiny little nose and a pair of jittery and colourful eyes. Their four limbs—two arms and two legs each, of course—were long and gangly and appeared ill suited for the bodies, or should I say heads, they were attached to. At the ends of their arms were misshapen hands with four fingers, some with claws and others with sucker pods on their tips. Their legs ended in large bare feet, all of which were a fleshy pink colour, making them stand out starkly against their grim, greyish background. These five creatures frantically attended to their goblin master: one brushed the goblin down with a little wire brush, another was holding and passing over papers, whilst another jotted down the goblin's sentences on ragged brown paper and another advanced in front of the party, sweeping the ground with a broom as they approached. The final grubb trailed a few paces behind, with a weird-looking white judge’s wig ill placed on its head and an enormous, heavy-looking leather-bound book in its arms that seemed to slow it down considerably.” page 75

If you would like to check out more of Bethan's work you can find her via the following links:

Instagram - @somethingbybeth

Facebook - @bvillustration

Twitter - @BethinTransit

If you want to venture further into the magical galaxy of Edimor have a click of the link below!

With that it's bye for now. I'll be back soon.


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