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A bit of fan mail... part 2

Only a short entry today. My last one ended on quite a sad worrying note. However yesterday this turned up in my postbox:

It's from Margaret! I am beyond delighted as you can imagine. She says she is doing fine, and the people at their retirement community are looking after them well. As you can see it comes with a lovely Easter card too. Is this a thing though? Do people send Easter cards each year? There's all these things you have do when you're an adult that nobody ever mentions...

She leant the book to a friend too. They loved it - finishing it in a couple of nights. So now there's two of them demanding the sequel. I better get editing!

In other news I am in the process of getting a short story up on Amazon. It should be available in the next few days to download. It all depends on how well I do making a front cover. It wil be a very simple one of course. I will of course post about it on my blog when it's up. It will free too - well at least for the first 5 days. There's still more stuff to work out...

With that it's bye from me. I'll be back soon.


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