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A Little Update - Some Audiobooks for you

Hello again,

I thought I would provide a little update on how I am doing. Been quite busy, especially with the house buying. As of posting this we are just about to get the keys to our new home. It's very exciting but also terrifying. I guess we're a bit tired of all this too. It's taken so long now I think we're just so exhausted of everything that it's barely sinking in. With all our bad luck and delays we've decided not to celebrate until the keys are finally in our hands and the house is ours. Not long now...

Along with house stuff I've started a fun new money job in Liverpool, started book 5 of my main series, and done a lot research for future publishing plans (keep your eyes open in the futurish). I've also continued to record audiobooks. For other people that is, not my stuff. Mine is getting done but it's going quite slowly. More on that in a bit. Today I thought I would share one of my favourite audiobooks I've been worked on so far this year, along with my most recent release too. Both fantasy of course but that's not really a surprise. Anyway here goes...

Winter Masquerade by Kevin Klehr

I had great fun recording this one. It's a LGBTQ romance fantasy story by Australian writer Kevin Klehr. The best way to describe it is that it's a mad Alice in Wonderland style story based around trauma. My work entailed doing lots of silly voices as well as deep emotional moments. It's been recieved really well too. Have a read of some of the feedback...

“I couldn't find a way to comment on your post about the audiobook so thought I'd shoot you a quick message. I've listened to a lot of audiobooks and have several favorite voice actors but Jon's performance of your story just blew me away. My review probably didn't reflect my enthusiasm strongly enough but I will be watching for more audiobooks by him.

Winter Masquerade sounded like it was performed by multiple actors. I seldom re-read or re-listen to books but I need to listen to this again. I believe the second time around I will enjoy the story even more. Thanks for posting the video of him explaining his inspiration for the character voices he used.”


I’ve never had the pleasure of listening to this remarkable voice actor before, and I sincerely hope this is the first of many! This is a high spirited and lively story, and Mr. Bolitho-Jones keeps up the pace, and adds even more zest to the spectacle. And his ability to create a unique voice, which perfectly suits each of this incredibly varied cast of characters, is admirable… not to mention, there’s singing!


Thanks ButtonsMom2003 and Trio. I yes I do a bit of singing in it too. As you can probably guess I'm quite chuffed with my work. Kevin was a real star too. Very talented and very friendly, even when he video called me at about 4am Australian time (only about 7pm for me). He even made a promo video which includes me, talking about the book and the characters in it. I have beard too. I don't know why. Typical early 2022 am I right? It's all gone now, and there's no threat of the moustache ever returning. Well not until the festive period that is...

So yeah if you like the sound of Winter Masquerade and want to ehar me sing, act, and do silly voices you can find the audiobook right here! Enjoy!

In the Shadows of Silverspire: Book 2 of the Aether Cycle by Justin L Dew

Now onto my most recent audiobook. It's only just come out this one. Very different to Winter Masquerade. This is more of a traditional fantasy story - a mix of Harry Potter, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and Game of Thrones. Lots of magic, fantasy creatures, and fighting. Justin is an indie author with a great imagination, so yeah get supporting! I particularly enjoyed voicing the dwarf characters. I do love a good dwarf. So yeah expect more interesting voices from this too. Here's Justin's description of his book:

"It's a war only a mage could win, and all it will cost him is everything. Novitiate Stephen Andrews just wants to enjoy Yule with his family. When vampires attack, Stephen is forced to flee his home through a magic mirror with his sister and their friends. Stephen finds himself in the ancient world of Koralis. This is a world where old asphalt dots the roads and a rebellion of metal men and magical creatures have risen against the usurper, Queen Brigid. Brigid seeks to bring all the magic in the land under her control, and only another magician can stop her. Now Stephen finds himself dragged into a war he had no part in and no way back home. Stephen is surrounded by enemies, and his trust in his friends and his sister are put to the ultimate test. He must rise to the occasion and brave the perils of war or be enthralled to Brigid forever."

Justin Dew

So yeah if this sounds like your kind of fantasy you can find a link for it right here:

When the World Falls Down by Me

Before I go I thought it would be remiss of me not to mention the recordings I've done for some of my own material. I am slowly recording When the World Falls Down. I have started putting it up on Youtube too. So far chapters 1-4 are up, along with a bit of my other material including Twas the Night before Pancakemas. All separated into relevant playlists of course.

Anyway that is all for now. Currently doing a lot of research at the moment about various book related stuff. Book 2-4 are sitting here on my laptop getting bored and impatient, desperate for me to do soemthing with them. Once this house is finally bought I migth just be able to (slowly) put plans into action. I've just started working on a new audiobook too. All I will say is that it is a horror story that is equal parts silly comedy and super gory violence. Should be fun! Whatever the case I'll keep you all posted.

With that it's bye for now. I'll be back soon.


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