Audiobook Narrator

Warm,  Bright, and Quirky

Hello, my name is Jon Bolitho-Jones, and along with being an author, actor, and all round creative, I am also an audiobook narrator. I am a passionate story-teller with a rich and enjoyable voice. I have a home studio from which I can create bespoke audiobooks in a range of genres and styles. Take a listen to my samples below, and get in touch if you want to know more...



1. Contact me by email or find me on ACX, and tell me a little bit about your project. For an accurate quote and summary of viability please provide me with the length, genre, and themes of your book, along with any other key special requirements such as deadlines, particular character voices, etc.

2. If your project is suitable I will get in contact, giving you a quote for my fees and the timescale it will take to produce.

3. Once I have taken on the rpoject I will need a full manuscript, along with any character and pronunciation notes if possible.

4. I will then record a 15 minutes sample and send it to you. If you have any notes or thoughts I will record another sample and repeat the process until you are happy with the narrative voice.

5. I can then begin the work in earnest, recording the chapters in order, and then the raw MP3/WAV files (whichever you prefer) to you as so you can have a listen and provide any direction if needed. This is your creation, your project, and I want to create the best possible version of it that meets your expectations and wishes.

6. Once you are happy with the raw audio files I will then begin the editing process. Once this is done the files will either be sent to you, or uploaded on any sites you are working from (ACX, Findaway etc).

7. Finally an invoice for the completed project will be sent your way. And yeah, that's it. Huzaah!